Rotating Planet Wild Aging in the Wild

Aging in the Wild

Wildlife Series

In association with: ARTE G.E.I.E | TV5

Aging in the Wild is a five-part series that takes a never-before seen look at the golden years in the animal kingdom. Against the extraordinary backdrop of some of the world's most magnificent nature reserves, national parks, and wilderness areas this series brings viewers on an unforgettable journey around the globe to meet some of nature’s most interesting elders.


Ep. 1

How do creatures attain and even exceed human lifespans in the wildest environments on earth? In this episode we meet some animal elders who help us understand the psychological mechanisms associated with long life and the positive social value long-lived animals bring to their communities.


Ep. 2

An earnest glimpse at reproduction, mating and companionship in the golden years. Meet some late-life lovers and explore the reasons behind their sexual longevity and their ability to reproduce well into their later years.


Ep. 3

What does it take to maintain alpha status as animals grow older? We investigate the responsibilities and challenges that come with being a senior leader of a pack.


Ep. 4

How does attaining knowledge and wisdom help animals to live longer? We explore the integral role that older animals play in their communities and investigate how animals learn over the course of their lives.


Ep. 5

Human, plant, animal, bacteria, all have one inevitable thing in common; death. However, the process of dying is far from uniform across the animal kingdom. In this episode we discover the ways in which aging animals defy our usual understanding of the circle of life.