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    De L’Afrique à L’Arctique

    Une incursion unique au cœur de l’immigration africaine dans le Grand Nord canadien.


    The Family Farm

    A journey across the Canadian countryside that demonstrates the value of local food and importance of family farms.

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    Sivummut: Going Forward

    Exploring the triumphs and legacies of Inuit leaders in the arts, sports, environment, health care, and education.


    The Uluit: Champions of the North

    Following the emotional life story of the Uluit, an-all female hockey team in Inukjak and their influence on their community.



    Filmmaker Ari A. Cohen investigates the history and political issues around falafel, the simple and beloved Middle-Eastern street food.

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    The World’s a Stage with John Neville

    John Neville single handedly revitalized the arts scene in the country he came to call his home, Canada. Featuring interviews with Dame Judi Dench, Ralph Fiennes, Brent Carver and director Richard Eyre.

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    The Instrument Bank

    Every three years, talented musicians from across the country come together for one intense competition. The prize? Getting their hands on the world’s most historically significant violins and cellos valued at over US $27 million.

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    Being Osama

    A provocative hour-long documentary that explores the lives of Arab-Canadian men named Osama and the changes that have occured in their lives since 9/11.

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    Too Colourful for the League

    The Gemini-nominated, multiple award winning documentary about the history and struggles of Black hockey players.

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    The Legend Of Memphré

    This one-hour satirical documentary explores the myth and murkiness surrounding a mysterious sea creature in Lake Memphrémagog, Québec and Vermont’s most celebrated lake.

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    I Want To Be Happy

    This film tells the life story of astounding 86-year-old jazz singer, guitarist, storyteller and personality Jackie Washington, who has a musical repertoire of nearly 1300 songs and whose legendary lifetime spans close to a century of musical and black history. The film includes rare archives, numerous live performances, emotional interviews and a touring road trip across Canada.

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    The Debaters

    Welcome to the cut-throat world of international school debating where fiesty teens from across the globe argue their way to the top.

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    A Red Carpet for the Sun: The Life of Irving Layton

    An intensely personal biographical documentary about Canada’s greatest poet, Irving Layton, who was one of the most remarkable personalities on the Canadian literary scene.

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    La pêche blanche

    As the ice fishing season comes to a close, families and friends drive to their huts on the frozen lake…

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    Alone in the Dark

    A short fictional film shot in High Definition depicting a day in the life of a washroom attendant whose wife is unfaithful. Set in the 1950’s to the song “Alone in the Dark”

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    The Colour of Memory

    Celebrated abstract painter Guido Molinari pushed on to the very end with his life, his art and his memories.

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    Winter Wonderland

    The Making of the Ice Hotel is an exciting one-hour film that takes the viewer through the various stages of the building and management of Québec’s famed Ice Hotel.

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    Rock Opera

    Rock Opera is a short film featuring the collective Liederwolfe in a fun juxtaposition of Italian opera in a rock…

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    The Friendly Tourist

    A television documentary pilot exploring the principles of sustainable tourism around the world with host Ari A. Cohen.

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    Women Warriors

    Women Warriors is an exciting docu-series which profiles the lives of Canada’s elite female athletes, giving audiences a glimpse into the tremendous perseverance and mental fortitude it takes to reach the upper echelons of sport.